What is Mixture?

Mixture is a two-day celebration of the cocktail flavor of Indianapolis, hosted on the evenings of September 16th and September 17th. The party starts on Georgia Street with Indiana Breweries, live music, and local food vendors. It then spreads out to twenty bars participating city-wide. Indy will be split into four areas, and assigned a type of spirit for each night. Participating bars in each area will create their own unique Mixture Cocktail each night, using the assigned spirit. Mixture attendees register on Georgia Street and are then free to Tour Indianapolis and enjoy a variety of crafted cocktails, made from a range of spirits.

The participating downtown neighborhoods the spirit genres they are working on Friday and Saturday are listed below.

Tickets to Mixture can be purchased HERE.

What’s included when I purchase a ticket to Mixture?

For the modest price of $50 an evening:

  1. Access to Georgia Street, where you can sample cocktails, beer from the best Indiana breweries and beer-based cocktails, local food vendors, and live entertainment.
  2. Access to the “Tour of Indianapolis,” that is, transportation we’ve arranged with Indy Brew Bus. The “transportation wristband” you receive when you register will grant you access to Indy Brew Bus at seven different Drop Off/Pick Up points around the city, within the four different participating areas of downtown. (You are welcome to provide your own means of transportation, or Yellow Taxi and/or Uber, if you decide not to utilize the Indy Brew Bus option.)
  3. A sampling of a spirit-specific cocktail at each of the participating bars during the promotion. For example, tour the Mass Ave district on Friday night and enjoy a sampling of Rum-based cocktails crafted for the Mixture event.

*Mixture attendees are encouraged to take the time to strategize your tour so you can be sure to visit the bars and sample the drinks of your choice while leaving room and time to try something new! However, Mixture also encourages responsible touring; please don’t think you can do it ALL in one night, or even two!)

What bars are participating in Mixture?

Four different neighborhoods of Downtown Indianapolis are participating in Mixture, Batch 2015. Various bars in the Wholesale District, on Mass Ave, in Fletcher Place and in Fountain Square are participating in Mixture. Clink HERE (insert hyperlink) for a list of participating bars.

Please note: your Mixture wristband ensures you one sampling of a cocktail at any of the participating bars. Additional beverages or food are your financial responsibility.

What is the best way for me to experience Mixture after I purchase a ticket?

Between Georgia Street vendors and entertainment, the “cocktail tour” transportation, and the twenty participating bars, it is impossible to see and do everything that Mixture offers. We highly recommend you plan in advance. Look at the participating bars in the participating areas and what type of spirit cocktail they are providing on what nights, then determine your route based on your personal preferences.

You are welcome to register on Georgia Street, acquire your Travel Wristband and Travel Passport (the listing of participating accounts) and then enjoy food, beverage and entertainment on Georgia Street, utilize HandleBar or Indy Brew Bus to get to the first of our drop points to experience the areas of downtown.

Will Indy Mixture be an annual event?


What modes of transportation can I use during Indy Mixture?

Once you have checked in at the Georgia Street headquarters, Handle Bar Bikes (insert link) and the Indy Brew Buss (insert link) will shuttle attendees around the various bars. Attendees are also free to use Uber or a taxi service to enjoy Mixture at your own pace and expense.

Why did Mixture start?

Mixture is an event managed and executed by The Indiana Craft Beverage Association (ICBA). The ICBA is a non-profit promotional body dedicated to raising awareness of Indiana’s growing beverage and food culture. Mixture is Indiana’s inaugural cocktail-focused festival because many believe Indiana is ready for such an event.* This second annual event, Batch 2016, hopes to bring together the bars of Indianapolis and engage Hoosiers with our cocktail alchemy to celebrate the city.

What is a craft beverage?

The word “craft’ is over-used, nebulous, and often misunderstood. Many limit the notion of “craft” to a measure of quantity or spirits that are made in small amounts. We prefer a definition that emphasizes the art, skill, and passion required to create a high quality, balanced beverage. The same discipline necessary for high quality spirit, beer, and wine production holds true to the art of crafting a well-made, balanced cocktail.

How can my establishment participate in Mixture?

Contact the ICBA at Arthur@incraftbev.com

How can my company become a sponsor of Indy Mixture?

The ICBA is currently focused on two large events on opposite sides of the calendar, Mixture in September and Repeal Day in December. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or partnering with the ICBA, please contact us at jonathon@incraftbev.com. If you are a spirit brand or supplier currently distributed in Indiana, your wholesaler partner should have an in-house contact with a seat on the Advisory Council of the ICBA.

Where do the funds from the event go?

Proceeds from Mixture go to the ICBA, a non-profit 501-C(6). Revenues from ticket sales and supplier sponsorships pay for all expenses for the execution of Mixture Batch 2016 and the organization and growth of Mixture Batch 2017. *The ICBA is currently 100% volunteer-operated and does not have any paid staff or board members.

How can I serve as a volunteer for Indy Mixture?

We welcome volunteers and encourage those interested in being a volunteer to contact us at Arthur@incraftbev.com.